Scalper Avtomat FX V4. November 29 Version

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Expert: Scalper V4.0.ex4 (Unlocked)
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In this video, you can familiarize yourself with all the key changes in the new version. I don’t see any sense in the detailed presentation of the Expert Advisor.

The advisor is 100% working! Tested in practice

It is recommended to close all orders at the end of the day, regardless of whether there is profit or loss, in order not to carry over to the next day. It’s okay if there is a loss, because the next day you can easily recoup it. With this advisor, they beat off a deposit literally in a few days.

The EA implements an algorithm for opening orders based on the analysis of the tick-by-tick flow of Ask and Bid prices. The EA works best when the price moves in a range. The Expert Advisor manages to cover losses from orders that are still in the market with a profit from closed orders. But if you leave orders not closed, then this will lead to eating up all profit by orders in the market. Therefore, the Expert Advisor implements the “Earnings in the TIME INTERVAL” algorithm.

The essence of the “Earnings in the TIME INTERVAL” algorithm:

  1. The Expert Advisor puts a time stamp, in the info panel it is Time_Point, the beginning of the time interval.
    2. The EA calculates the profit from closed orders by our setting after this time.
    3. The EA calculates profit / loss from open BUY and SELL orders every tick.
    4. The advisor analyzes the amount of profit from “closed orders in our time interval” + “profit / loss from open orders” and when this value exceeds the planned TP in money, the advisor closes all open orders and, after closing, rearranges Time_Point to the current time, thereby starting a new time interval. Those. when “SUM Profit Cycle =” is greater than “Destination Profit =” all orders will be closed and a new cycle (time interval) will begin.


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