REV Trader Pro V2.2 EA

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REV Trader Pro is a trading advisor for fully automatic profitable trading. Not Martin, not the netter, does not use locks. This Forex robot will not make you an instant millionaire, but it can bring stable earnings with a very low drawdown. There are not many deals, but apt ones. Below is the real-time monitoring on a real account.
Advisor Revo Trader Pro is fully automatic, there is no need to select any other additional settings. This is especially convenient for beginners and traders who are not interested in programming and robots in principle. Advisor users noted that the effectiveness of REV Trader Pro often depends on the broker. However, REV Trader Pro is a multi-currency Forex expert, working successfully on three currency pairs. His work uses Stop Loss, Tralling Stop and Take Profit, which is good for the deposit as a whole.
Trading platform: MetaTrader 4.0
Quotes: 4 and 5 digit
Currency pair for trading: EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD
Timeframe: H1
Opening hours: around the clock


basic settings

Enable Alert – sound alert

Use_Trade_Time – enable / disable the function of using trading time

Enable Email – alert the signal to e-mail.

Trade Magic – the number by which the positions opened by the adviser are marked so that he can track and modify them

ECNMode – enable mode for ecn account true –enabled

Order 2Distance – distance in points from the opening of the 2nd order

Order 3Distance- distance in points from the opening of the 3rd order

SL- Stop Loss

Money Management Settings

Money_managment – enable true, disable fals lot option: fixed or dynamic

Percent Risk – dynamic increase in lot from balance

Lot – value of a fixed lot.

Sleppage is the value of slippage.

Built-in HIGH-LOW Settings

HighLowIndicatorFailename – name of the HIGH-LOW indicator

SignalGap- signal after the gap

Mini Channel Distance – minimum channel range

Settings of the integrated Stochastic indicator

UseStochFilter- stochastic filter, enable true, disable false

Kperiod- short term 12 hours

Dperiod- long term 26 hours

Sloving- fast 9 hours

Method- averaging method

Price Field- minimum and maximum price value

StochOverDoughtlevel – maximum overbought / oversold zone

StochOverSoldLevel- minimum overbought / oversold zone

Settings for the built-in MA indicator

UseMAFilter – filter by MA enable true, disable false

MA_TF – signal filter by Timeframe Daily, H4, H1

FastMAPeriood – period for a fast average of 24 hours

FastMAMethod – averaging method for fast average Simple

FastMAApplyTo- method of constructing averages for a fast average, at closing prices Close price

SlowMAPeriod – period for a slow average of 72 hours

SlowMAMethod – averaging method for slow average Exponential – exponential average

SlowMAApplyTo- method of constructing averages for a slow average, at closing prices Close price

Trailing Stop Settings

TrailingStopStartPips – distance in points to enable the trailing function

TrailingStopPips – trailing size in points

TrailingStopStep – trailing step


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