Forex Black Gold Breakout Unlimited

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The New Forex British & U.S. Oil Breakout System

Trader Ed Pic  Hey Traders, I’m back again! I just couldn’t bear to see you go through those summertime blues of trading    the unpredictable currency pairs for a few months. What happens are the big boys (pros, bank traders, etc.) like to take their summer holidays from about June to September every year. This has a great negative affect on the forex currency pairs. It slows down the markets considerably because of the lack of volume trades and a large amount of those trading are very inexperienced causing crazy sporadic moves in the currency markets. You would be surprised at the amount of traders that place their trades on a whim without any system used, technical or fundamental. But, Trader Ed has a way around all this. Interested?


OK, in about a 12 hour period, the system generated 8 trades. 7 were winners and one lost which was the 6th trade. That boiled down to a little over an 87% win ratio. There were trade generations in the 3 major markets. Tokyo, London and New York. I have found that the best parameters for the trades at this time are the M15 chart, using a 25 pip take/profit and a 15 pip stop/loss. Just to give you an idea, the total profit on these 8 trades, trading a standard contract would have been $1600. Now I realize most of us wouldnt want to trade a 12 hour day but you know 1 or 2 winners per day in 20 trading days per month would be 5K to 10K profit per month. I’m sure you can see the potential of such a system, right? Next U.S. Oil.

United States Crude Oil


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