PTS Alerter V-Power Boxes Indicator Unlimited MT4

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1 indicator ex4

Your benefits with the V-Power Boxes Alerter:

  • you can detect AAA setups within seconds
  • you will receive alerts/signals in real-time
  • you will see the bigger picture of the market at one place
  • you will see trend direction changes immediately
  • you will directly see if a trend is new or old

The following screenshot shows how the V-Power Boxes Alerter with default settings:



Green boxes are telling you that the instrument is in an upward trend on the appropriate time frame (column) while red boxes are indicating a downward trend.

The numbers in the green and red boxes are indicating how old or how young a trend is. The amount of V-Power boxes (which determine the direction of the trend) are counted and the result of this counting is shown within the colored boxes.

For our V-Power AAA setups we are searching for completely new (young) trends. Therefore, we want to trade only those instruments that are showing the number 1 in the columns D1 or W1. Once we found such AAA setups (in the above screenshot you can see 4 such setups) then we can time our entries on H1 according to the V-Power rules.



Today’s Trade Example On EURUSD


Today I got a nice 2R winning trade on EURUSD with the help of the V-Power Boxes Alerter 🙂

As you can see in the following screenshot the dashboard signaled a possible AAA setup on EURUSD. A first upward box on the weekly time frame and on H1 was detected:


A quick check of the weekly chart showed that indeed the first upward box was drawn (after a matured downward trend). The market can move upward during the next weeks or even months.

After the first upward box was drawn 3 weeks ago (initial upward move), the price pulled back downward during the past 3 weeks. So this is a good position to enter into a possible huge upward trend:


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