FinalMinister v2.01 EA

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1 expert ex4 / no user manaul / no presets

Work in M5 only



FinalMinister EA is based on the main trend daily and weekly, it can get the true direction to hunt the trend and strong movemont from the begin.

Does not effected with slippage and works with all spread.

No Hedge.

No Martingale.

TP and SL hidden/visible.

Terms of using this EA:

– Account Type : All Account.

– balance : 400$.

– symbol : EURUSD, EURJPY, GBPUSD, GBPJPY, XAUUSD (2 digits).

– super fast VPS with ping under 3.00 ms, recommendation VPS on

Input :

– AddSymbol (example if symbol is EURUSD.s you can fill AddSymbol = .s

– UTC (example if GMT broker is +3 you can fill UTC = 0 or  GMT broker is +1 you can fill UTC = 2 or GMT broker is +5 you can fill UTC = 22)

– Fixed Lot (open order with a fixed lot size)

– RiskPercentage (Open Order with percentage).

– Direct Close Order (order will automatically close without waiting for the trailing stop to be reached if the volatility level drops)


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